After Hours Medical Consultations

Providing dedicated after hours medical care with compassion and expertise. Medical care is our commitment every night, weekend and public holidays. We are there when your own doctor cannot be.

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Services When Your Regular Doctor is Closed

Home Visits

After Hours medical care by experienced doctors at your home, student accommodation or holiday home.

Telehealth Consultations

Virtual consultations are available at night, weekends & public holidays.

Bulk Billing

Available for Medicare + veterans affairs card holders.


Ensuring continuity of care, we provide follow-up reports to your regular GP whenever possible, fostering a collaborative and informed approach to your health.

Accepting Calls

Accessible care when you need it. We accept calls from 6 pm on weeknights and from 12 pm on Saturdays, providing extended after-hours medical support.

Not For Profit

Proudly a member-based cooperative, we operate on a not-for-profit basis, prioritizing your well-being over financial gains.

Prevents Unnecessary ED Visits

Our services prevent unneccessary Emergency Department visits by treating less serious illness at home. This helps keep our ED’s available for more serious caes.

50+ Years of Trusted After-Hours Medical Care

Radio Doctor service originated in the Illawarra 1974 after a meeting of six local GPs who were concerned about providing quality after hours care for their patients. The service has grown to provide after hours care on behalf of over 280 doctors and now provides after hours health care for patients at their home every night of the year from the Seacliff Bridge (starting at Scarborough) in the north to Kiama in the south.

Latest News

Stay informed. Check here for updates, announcements service hours during public holidays.

Areas we Service

Covering the Illawarra region from Scarborough to Kiama,
ensuring comprehensive and accessible healthcare services for the Illawarra community.

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