Radio Doctor recommends that you don’t put off or delay medical treatment

The Clinical Director for Radio Doctor Illawarra, Dr Darryl Bryant, has advised that people should not delay seeking necessary medical screening or treatment. 

“The Radio Doctor home visit, after hours service is finding that people are currently delaying essential medical advice or treatment. This can mean their condition can worsen considerably by the time they are seen and then require more serious medical attention” Dr Bryant said.

Dr Bryant said some conditions such as urinary tract infections, cellulitis, abnormal abdominal pain should be assessed and treated immediately as delays in getting treatment can mean more serious complications. 

Recent surveys have shown that one third of people are deciding not to seek medical treatment or undergoing recommended tests or preventative healthcare screening such as bowel, breast, cervical, prostate cancer and diabetes.  This may be due to anxiety about catching the coronavirus (Covid-19) in healthcare facilities, not wanting to burden medical or emergency services or being pre-occupied by other more pressing concerns.

Although some restrictions and procedure changes have had to be made due to the pandemic, Dr Bryant encourages people to maintain their usual healthcare and wellness practices.  “Most GP’s  and after hours services like the Radio Doctor are ready, willing and able to provide the primary healthcare services you need either in person or via telehealth”. 

Radio Doctor Illawarra continues to offer home visit, after hours medical services for people with no flu-like symptoms. They are also able to provide tele-health consults with arrangements in place for issuing prescriptions and medical certificates if necessary.